YouTube decided to be more Family Friendly – Blocks hundreds of thousands of LGBT related videos.

In pursuit of becoming, allegedly, more family friendly and marketable to kids, Youtube has made the decision to block, and in many cases, altogether delete hundreds of thousands of LGBT related content. We’re not talking about gratuitous videos that feature aggressive foul language, implied nudity or violence – Those are still there. The target appears to be any content related to, or published by users who provide educational material, tell their stories, share their experiences, including material by high profile LGBT personalities on the service. Community activist, makeup artist and Transwoman, Stef Sanjati, who famously documented her journey through her feminizing surgeries and experiences as a trans individual for nearly half a million subscribers, found much of her content suddenly age restricted or deleted.

The same has happened to Grammy nominated duo Tegan and Sara who also woke to find some of their music videos blocked.


Further shocking, Tyler Oakley, who, with over 8 million subscribers, built his entire brand using the YouTube platfor, also found himself subject to the sweeping content audit.

Let me explain why this discriminatory action does far more harm than you think it may. Today, kids who are living in areas that lack access to education and inspiration- especially under the current administration which seeks to vilify and oppress LGBT Americans, they need to hear voices. They need to feel relevant to a bigger community wherein people like them not only exist, but they flourish. Locking up LGBT content, which in and of itself presumes exactly what the North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory did when he introduced legislation to block Trans women from bathrooms; All LGBT people are deviants. We’re perverts, threats to the safety of others and a liability to greater society. Thus, we must have our works locked away to protect the moral compass of the “normal” person. That’s the message this sends. By alienating LGBT people and the content provided, they play an active role in silencing necessary voices who reach beyond the keyboard and into the homes of people who need them. Whether it’s a young Trans person who feels alone, or a questioning kid in an isolated area who requires life saving information, or even a young musician who needs a role model… they’re receiving the message that they are not okay. They are no longer acceptable according to YouTube’s new political standard.

YouTube has had no response to the outcry from the users or their subscribers, but continues to remove and age restrict the most innocuous content, all while leaving videos which are far more offensive to even the most basic sensibilities, such as depictions of animal torture, overtly sexual demonstrations of heterosexual sex acts, violent and bloody criminal activities and even videos showing brutal murders and suicide. All this, YouTube deems more quality viewing, more appropriate family viewing,  than a gay or trans person talking to their audience.